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Great Parents Great Start
Great Parents Great Start is a grant for children age birth to five and their families funded by the state school aid fund. The purpose of Great Parents Great Start is to:
  • Improve School Readiness
  • Encourage Early Literacy
  • Reduce the Need for Special Education Services
  • Foster the Maintenance of Stable Families.

Services funded by Great Parents Great Start include Ready Kits and New Born Hospital Visits, Early Childhood Mental Health Services, and Playtime in the Park

The Great Parents Great Start Committee is a collaborative group of early childhood agencies and service providers. Representatives from the Human Services Coordinating Body, 4 C's, Keweenaw Family Resource Center, Copper Country Mental Health Institute, the local schools, BHK Child Development Board, and the Western U.P. Health Department meet monthly to oversee the project and discuss common issues concerning children ages birth to five in the Copper Country. The Copper Country ISD serves as the fiscal agent and coordinator of this project.

For more information about local Early Childhood activities log on to:
http://www.ccgreatstart.org/, http://www.greatstart.org or http://www.migreatparents.org/