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SCECHs (State Continuing Education Clock Hours)
  • Information Guide (forthcoming)
  • Certification Information (forthcoming)

Instructions for Requesting SCECH Program Approval through the CCISD

1. Apply at least 45 days in advance of the beginning program.

2. You may apply via email or paper copy. Please use the sample agenda and make certain your agenda is finalized before submitting you paperwork.

3. Complete the application page and include a detailed agenda with contact hours listed.

4. Send to Carla Strome at CCISD, Hancock, MI 49930, fax with a cover sheet to 906-487-9348 or email to cstrome@copperisd.org


SCECHs Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Who can use SCECHs for renewal?  Persons holding a Professional Education certificate, an Occupational Education certificate, a School Psychologist certificate, and a School Guidance Counselor certificate. Administrators can utilize SBCECHs to fulfill the administrator professional development requirements.
  1. I dont have my first 18 credit hours finished yet. Can I use SCECHs to renew?  No, you have to hold a Professional teaching certificate or one of the others listed above in order to use SCECHs for certificate renewal.
  1. Can I convert SCECHs into college credit?  No.
  1. I will be applying for (or renewing) my professional certificate this coming June.  Can I collect SCECHs now to use for renewal of my certificate for the next renewal period?  No. You cannot hold over SCECHs credits to the next renewal period.  For example: you renew your professional certificate for June of 2010. You have already taken enough classes to have college credit to renew your certificate with and would like to begin collecting SCECHs to put toward your renewal in 2015.  The SCECHs you collect up to June 30th, 2010 can only be used to renew your certificate that expires on June 30th, 2010.
  1. I have an appointment (Doctor, Dentist, Chiropractor, etc.) scheduled during the day of a workshop.  Can I leave the workshop and come back, still receiving my SCECHs?  No, unless the appointment happens during a break or lunch and you have returned by the time the workshop officially starts again. The state requires that you are in attendance for the entire workshop. Please do not ask to receive SCECHs when you leave a workshop for an appointment and return later.
  1. I've lost my copy of the certificate I received at the workshop. Can I get a replacement? Can I get a copy of all of my SCECHs I've received? The CCISD will issue an official transcript for the SCECHs you've received through us up to December 31, 2009 for a $5.00 charge. Call Loret Roberts at 482-0331 to inquire about an official transcript. Any workshops you've attended at other ISDs or through the state will need to issue you a separate transcript. For workshops after January 1, 2010, you can use the Secure Central Registry (SCR) system to check all of your SCECHs received, regardless of where you attended the offering.
  1. I have to arrive late/leave early from a workshop. Can I still receive my SCECHs?The state requires you to be in attendance for the entire workshop in order to receive SCECHs for that activity. Some programs have a little flexibility built in to allow for up to a 10 minute late arrival time but not all, so plan to arrive early if youd like to receive SCECHs and to stay for the entire offering.
  1. I forgot to sign-in or out, turn in my sign-out form, pay the SCECHs fee.  Can I still get SCECHs?  All persons requesting SCECHs must sign-in and out of workshops and credit cannot be awarded if signatures are not found on the official forms. All persons requesting SCECHs for an offering must pay prior to leaving the workshop.
  1. I forgot to request credit for a workshop I attended last year. Can I still get it?  Credit needs to be requested at the workshop you've attended. With the new SCR System, CCISD does not have the capability to retroactively award credit as that is handled through Michigan Department of Education.
  2. My school is having an inservice day. Can I get SCECHs for it?  All districts have the ability to apply for SCECHs through their administrators.  Please follow the directions listed on this web site and submit an application at least 45 days in advance.  
  3. I did not receive my SCECHs through the SCR system. Where are they? Within 30 days of the program, you should receive an email with instructions to fill out an evaluation form. If you fail to complete the evaluation form, you will forfeit your SCECHs. If you have questions regarding the form or filling out the evaluation, contact the SCR Help Desk by email scr@gomiem.org or 517-327-5925.